Ad-hoc developments are the solution for specific problems, in any protocol and manufacture


06/05/2020 Madrid / Spain

Juan Conejos, our IoT Director, speaks with us about our  Niagara developments. Thanks to it, we provide TrulyOpen ® solutions to improve our clients’ buildings performance.   

¿What is Niagara Framework®?

IoT operational system connects devices and systems, from different manufacturers , in a centralised  and truly open BMS. This system enables module and applications developments that cover the needs the standard sytem does not o solve the needs that aren’t addressed by the standard system 

Sistrol is the first Spanish company to have Niagara 4 Developer Certification by Niagara University that certifies Sistrol as an application developer in the Niagara environment.  

¿What are Niagara developments for?

Niagara developments solve our clients’ needs ad-hoc, which cannot be solved by the standard system. We also use part of these developments to improve our productivity and reliability, creating solutions to automate project programming and diagnosis.

What are the advantages of these developments ?

This specific development capability for Niagara integration projects allows us to adapt to our customers and provide them, with ad-hoc solutions to their needs.  


What are the developments  that you currently use?

We have recently developed two new versions of Niagara modules which are a good example of the kind of developments we do, and which are Oneclickniagara and OCN-Report.

Oneclickniagara is an application that we use to document and diagnose a complete Niagara project, and that has as a base a backup of all equipment with this technology.

OCN-Report is a Niagara integrated module that allows navigating from the supervisor in an organised  way, from the BMS, as well as to visualise  all the information of each of them: points, value, status and configuration data.