BMS Portfolio Management

BMS standardisation and cutting edge  management, based on TrulyOpen® architecture and IoT technology.

“I have 8 buildings, 9 BMS and I can’t understand any”

We solve it.

Cross-cutting solutions for building management

Consulting and design

Global and standarised architectures.

Existing investments re-use.

TrulyOpen® Standards

Guide for the standardization of BMS systems

BMS TrulyOpen® architecture, according to Guide for the standardization and cyber-security requirements. 

Multi-brand and multi-protocol systems interaction.


Service for Remote BMS maintenance

BMSlytics, our own development tool that ensures 100% BMS coverage (system, sensors, alarms)

Periodic status Reporting, KPI and SLA monitoring


Support and help for building management.

BMSCare ensures the optimal BMS maintenance

WhyB: Building Analytics detects inefficiencies and opportunities for optimisation and improvement the instalations operation.

Smart-Retrocommissioning installation mechanical adjusting.

Building Management System evolves to an information management system

Knowledge about the current performance of the buildings, to facilitate a cross-cutting management and resources optimisation.

BuildingCare: Multisite cross-cutting buildings management

Support and help to the management for a portfolio of buildings. Through a set of tools (WhyB®, BMSlytics®, etc.) directed by expert professionals, it is guarantees continuous help to improve efficiency and operation of buildings, reducing detection, review and repair times.

These 360º services guarantee the Cross-cutting management of buildings based on data, the efficiency of the facilities, the reduction of energy consumption and an increase in the lifetime of the equipment.



Audit and balancing of building facilities in operation.


BMS Solutions

Building management systems (BMS): installation, integration and maintenance.