BMS Solutions

Services and systems for buildings’ management during
its life cycle.


TrulyOpen® for BMS

TrulyOpen® systems, multi-brands and mult-iprotocol, which leverage the investments
and minimise the reliance.

Open comunications

Standart protocols. Main protocols integration.

Open size

All systems sizes.

Open support

400 international providers, 20 in Spain. 

Open supplier

More than 10 OEM producers.

Open acess

Codes, programmes and tools 

Open data

Standards manual,

WhyB® analytics,

Maintenance by BMSlytics®.

Sistrol supports and assists to their customers’ ad-hoc solutions throughout the BMS life cycle


A team of engineers provide BMS consulting and design, that are adapted to our customers’ needs.  

BMS Project Management

This process includes the control electrical installations, supported by Sistrol electrical team, BMS specific developments, system start up and training to the final user.

BMS Maintenance 

BMS traditional maintenance is being adapted to digital transformation. The support evolves to a Data-Driven model. 

Technology Partners

BMS maintenance

BMSCare is the service for a remote BMS maintenance. It replaces the current maintenance proposal, based on periodic site visits, with the automated monitoring of the BMS performance indicators.

This service, which is based on our own BMSlytics® tool, thanks to IoT technology, provides 100% of the system coverage, from sensors, actuators and alarms to system performance indicators. In addition, a team of professionals with extensive experience supports the site technicians and managers in the use of the system.


SPV-Cloud provides a cloud Niagara Supervisor, ensuring all functionalities in multiple users and centralised management by Sistrol. Its provides 24×7 support, cybersecurity control, centralised registration of all users, scalability in more buildings and centralisation of thousands of signals: alarms, users, backups, etc.


BIM4BMS combine BIM models with the Building Management System, to create a unique information system. It avoids inconsistencies such as differences in connections, outdated BMS plans or differences in the appointment


BMS Portfolio Management

Cross-sectional management for your building portfolio.


WhyB: Building analytics

IoT analytics of facilities operation.