Smart Retrocommissioning

On-site inspection to verify the correct operation of mechanical systems. Looking for operational improvements and the efficiency of the installations.

An efficient operation of the installations result in savings

Installations lose efficiency over time, making it necessary to restore their optimal operation. Sistrol made it possible through Big Data, field tests, functional audits,
balancing processes, or IST tests.


Deficiencies detection:

On-site installation checking

Operability verification

Functional audits.

BMS big data analysis

Correction methods:

TAB (Testing, Adjusting And Ballancing processes in hydraulic and HVAC systems.

IST test for critical installations. Different levels.

The main objective is the installations high performance and efficiency

Planning and research

Design of the operating model
Data log.

Functional audits

Operability and performance testing
Ad-hoc solutions design



Improvements implementation

Systems and devices setting up.

Conclusions and performance monitoring

Confort improvments
Cost decreasing
Incecreasing devices lifetime

Optimising Retro-Commissioning by the Internet of Things (IoT)

Incidents decreasing
Energetic optimisation (Opex)
Rationalisation of investment (Capex)

WhyB: building analytics

IoT analytics of facilities operation.


BMS Portfolio Management

Cross-sectional management for your building portfolio.