Building analytics

Analytics of building facilities

IoT analysis to optimise buildings’ performance and excellence in maintenance.

Data analytics

As a result of BMS Big Data analysis obtaining
operational inefficiencies  


Measuring points

+2 MM

Annual samples

Your analyst

An expert helps you in regular meetings with understanding inefficiencies, the decision-making process and the operation evolution.


Weekly incidents

+312 h

Annual meetings

Interactive and online reports

Visualise your data through interactive dashboards. In one click, you can access to building performance evolution.


Analytic Maintenance

Data Science for BMS maintenance

BMSlytics®, is the tool that we have developed to carry out the remote analytic maintenance of the BMS, with a focus on cybersecurity, it guarantees a total coverage of the system.The 100% of the physical magnitude sensors, consumption totalizers, actuator operation and key parameters of the Niagara system operation are verified.

This tool allows an evolution from the current reactive maintenance to a proactive one, which reduces costs and time, since it directs the technicians towards a maintenance based on the condition of the BMS failures, both configuration and occurrences.


BMS Solutions

Building management systems (BMS): installation, integration and maintenance.



Audit and balancing of building facilities in operation.