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A single, standardized and truly open integrated information system to manage more than 25 buildings, provincial headquarters and BBVA City complex.

​Since 2009, Sistrol provides BMS solutions for the financial institution BBVA estate. Since then, more than 40 buildings have been integrated and standardized, with multibrand and multiprotocol systems, and over 200 bank offices.

WhyB, analysed BBVA’s facilities, based on IoT technology, with aim of decrease energy consumption and maintenance costs, while maintaining the required environmental conditions.

Every day more than 100 automatic rules check the data registered in the analytics system (11,000 analytics points). Its daily monitor’s facilities operation finding automatically incidences, that later be analysed and manage for an analyst.

Due to the detection of recurring incidents in the installations by WhyB service, Smart-Retrocommissioning have been carried out actions, such as hydraulic balancing in two buildings with operational problems, reducing the number of incidents and energy optimisation, which has led to greater efficiency in the operation of installations and energy savings.

Sistrol carries out the maintenance of 10 BBVA corporate buildings, using BMSlytics, replacing the preventive maintenance of the BMS with a condition-based maintenance. Five supervisors and 118 first level controllers (Jaces) are verified to control the operation of the sensors, consumption totalizers, actuator operation and key parameters of the Niagara system. As a result, 10 periodic customer-accessible maintenance reports are obtained, showing the status of the control facility and identifying the points on which to act.

Sistrol has been providing services for BBVA for more than 10 years, for a common management of its buildings Portfolio, providing an centralized information system, according to its standards manual.