Álvaro Cunqueiro Hospital

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A hospital complex with more than 1,400 beds, with a multi-protocol Building management system, whose design was alive throughout the building construction.

Álvaro Cunqueiro Hospital has been one of the most important references in Sistrol’s project portfolio and in its BMS Solutions area, because of the volume of information handled and the technical complexity of the solution provided.

The project was carried out using a Niagara solution, which provided a centralized truly open SCADA (TrulyOpen), which allowed the integration of more than 15 subsystems, with open protocols (Bacnet, Modbus, OPC).

The project began with the ad hoc design of the solutions, but throughout its development, it had to be redefined due to the commuting changes that took place in the construction of the complex.

The solution included electrical installation control and integration:
• HVAC, including hot water production plants, cold water, ACS, steam, etc. As well as terminal units (fancoils and VAV system) and more than 150 air conditioners.
• Lighting, including more than 20,000 DALI-Philips luminaires
• Detection of fires.
• Pressure groups (plumbing, network, etc.).
• Garage detection and ventilation.
• CPD, which included the integration of dedicated autonomous teams and integration of UPS teams
• Electricity, including switches