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More than 45 buildings, at a national level, centralized in a management system, reusing existing systems and optimising day by day thanks to IoT analysis.

For more than 15 years Sistrol has been providing BMS solutions for management Iberdrola building portfolio, ranging from the installation of BMS systems, maintenance of the different BMS, to the centralization of all its systems. This last the solution has allowed integrating in a truly open centralized system (Trulyopen), more than 45 buildings of multiple brands and protocols.

WhyB: Building Analytics, using IoT analytics, has implemented a continuous diagnostic system of the operation of the installation in Iberdrola’s corporate buildings. Its detects opportunities for their optimization and improvement. This diagnostic system is based on the analysis of the installations operating data, which are then monthly examined by a specialized analyst. The information is also summarized in dynamic dashboards.

BMS Portfolio Management area manages the project based on the Standards guide created ad-hoc to the Iberdrola’s needs, which includes a unified Niagara architecture, a guide of alarm management, historical registration and installation and navigation graphics, as well as dictionaries of nomenclatures and specific data on the administration of the control system.