Sistrol presents BMSlytics, a new model for BMS maintenance


28/02/2020 Madrid / Spain

Sistrol has developed a new tool, based on IoT technology, that changes the current maintenance model of the Building Management System. Currently, this model is based on regular face-to-face visits, which will evolve towards automatic monitoring of BMS indicators using BMSlytics.

The progress of BMS maintenance model has as objective to fill the gap of the current operational needs in buildings. For example: 

  • To provide full coverage for verifying thousands of points and hundreds of alarms. This verifying processes face-to-face is impossible.
  • The need to include alarms analysis on BMS maintenance process, to focus on maintenance staff in the really important alarms.
  • To minimize service interruption and its severity in anticipation of the BMS posible failures, both installation and on service.

BMSlytics’s objective is to focus on maintenance staff in the main information, that need to be considered. Its contains verification of sensors, actuators, alarms and performance indicators of the BMS system. Due to BMSlytics full coverage shall be achieved in the verification of sensors and actuators, a reduction of repetitive and/or misconfigured alarms and fault detection in the operation of the BMS.

This new maintenance model, based on the Internet of Things, evolves the current reactive maintenance into a condition-based one, which allows a reduction in the time and cost of maintaining the BMS, as it puts the focus of technicians on solving specific problems, avoiding routine inspection work.