World Day for Safety and Health at Work


28/04/2020 Madrid / Spain

The ILO celebrates today, 28th April, World Day for Safety and Health at Work to promote the prevention of accidents at work and occupational diseases.

Sistrol’s priority is to create a stable and healthy work environment, due to in 2019 implements a new Health & Safety plan. It is based on Health and Safety training and aims to promote wellbeing actions: Physical activity, nutrition and emotional health.

Health and safety training has increased by 30% with respect to last year, increasing all types of courses, basics and operating courses in high-risk industrial environments.

Wellbeing actions has been focused on promote healthy lifestyle, organizing workshops, ítems and participation in sport events.

This year, Healt & Safety plan continue and stand out with the actions for COVID-19 actions. Its is based on 3 items:

  • Personal care and cleaning, a strengthen cleaning and disinfection, giving gloves, masks, hydroalcoholic gel, etc.
  • High priority to communicationing: regular communications about the company and worksites situations, health recomendations…
  • Telework commitment, encouraring remote working and avoiding employees contact with a lot of people.

Sistrol’s commitment to improving the health and safety of its team. It will continue to be a priority in 2020, as will the actions set out in the plan and new ones stemming from the new challenges we will face.